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Scout this location: Wahlburgers

There’s new burger joint just south of Boston. Executive Chef Paul Wahlberg, along with brothers Mark and Donnie, opened up Whalburgers in the Hingham Shipyard. And he’s serving up some down home cooking just minutes from their first restaurant, Alma Nove (named after their mother, Alma, and her nine children). 

The menu is simple, and often reflective of the family’s upbringing. The Triple Decker is a throwback to their childhood house in Dorchester. Each of three specialty burgers are endorsed by one of the brothers. Paul’s signature is 100% beef, government cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, homemade sweet pickles, and Wahl sauce. Simple, classic, and very tasty. 

Also on the menu: hot dogs. The Stray Dog comes with brown mustard, sriracha sauce, and house-made smoked tomato salsa. (Mark has joked about naming the next one The Dirk Diggler Dog!) As to sides, you’re gonna need to to try the sweet potato tots. If that isn’t a good idea, I don’t know what is. Enough said. 

The Wahlberg’s have promised simple, down home food.  And they deliver. Bon Apétit called Wahlburgers ”wicked pissah!” It and its sister restaurant Alma Nove are well-loved by locals, and are luring folks in from the city for a night on the suburbs.

Word has it that Mark working on plans to shoot a reality series based on Wahlburgers. If it comes to light, you can bet they’ll come to Boston to film it. We’re thinking Bravo’s Top Chef should do the same. Adding Wahlburgers to the list of potential episode locations, and three Wahlbergs to the list of potential celebrity judges. 

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